Let’s put this into context: before today, my last time on an ice skating rink took place during the Clinton administration.* Seriously. We’re talking a good solid decade – and despite my Vermont background, even that prior experience was limited to maybe once a year during my high school’s winter carnival.

But today was a gorgeous day, Tom and I had planned some sibling time, and the Frog Pond has long been on my MicroVation list. As such, I decided to bring Vickie on Ice: A Comedy to Boston.

It was perfect. I stepped onto the ice, went to take my first push-off and fell, laughing myself silly. The next twenty minutes consisted of me either holding onto my brother’s hand/arm/shoulder for dear life, laughing or pleading for T to get me back to the boards.

But then I gained control of my ice legs. I won’t exactly be headlining the next touring ice show any time soon (um, ever), but that one fall was my only one in what turned into two solid hours of skating. My speed was pretty slow, my laughter level was high, and I definitely almost took a tumble when I saw a cute guy with a scarf smiling in our direction from a spot on solid ground. But I did it. I loved it. I’m planning on going back at least once more before the season comes to a close on St. Patrick’s Day.

Photos on the Flickr – click on the photo below for more from the day!


*When I mentioned this to my friend Kev, he pointed out that I only seem to skate during Democratic administrations. My response: “Well, yes. I don’t want to be skating on red ice!”