Quick little dispatches:

  • The karaoke crowd was in rare form last night. The highlight among highlights, however, came while someone was singing “Midnight Train to Georgia” and a large section of us in the audience became impromptu Pips. Think a long chain of Pips and you get the idea. It was pretty glorious. Woo woo!
  • My focus during my free hours this week has been by and large wedding-centric. You would think that, when a bride gives you free reign on your dress (color, style, whatever), it would be a cakewalk. You would be wrong! That said, I’m having a blast trying to find just the right frock to make her proud on her big day.
  • Currently reading 1776 and am being a dork about it. Yesterday, I remarked that I found the text highly engrossing, but think that they’re setting up this Washington character for a fall from grace. In a more serious note, it’s surreal to read about events that transpired right where I now live. It’s the difference between growing up in the Boston area and growing up in the farther stretches of New England.
  • Best idea for a mix CD I’ve seen in a long time: waltzes and other odd tempos. L deserves credit for coming up with a brilliant compilation that I’m loving at this very moment in time.
  • Speaking of mixes, I’m putting the finishing touches on an impromptu mix I worked on over the weekend. The only reason I’m holding off distributing is because it’s a “thank God we survived another winter, be happy that spring’s coming” mix and kicks off with Josh Ritter’s “Snow is Gone.” If I handed that out right now, that would just be cruel.