I took today off as a day of getting things done and having a good time.

The day began in the most sublimely feminime manner possible. I walked from my home to the T, passing by the U2 extravaganza being put into place three minutes from my house (seriously, Bono is going to be in my neighborhood tomorrow night. How weird is that?). I settled into my seat at the salon and let my Hair Goddess (Nicole at Judy Jetson) work on my hair, which is always fantastic. I moved downtown to try on a nice healthy batch of gorgeous dresses, then went to another store to do the same.

From that point on, I moved into MicroVation mode and met up with my friend TC at the ICA for the SP – er, Shepard Fairey – exhibit currently on display.

(Sorry, got carried away with the acronyms for a second there.)

Say what you will about Shepard Fairey, and many have said much. Sellout, provocateur, copyright pirate, brilliant artist…people have points of view and they’ve been stated.

I like Fairey’s work. I like seeing it pop up, I like looking for the pieces that are visible as I make my way to one of my jobs a couple days each week. I know that the attention has grown since the Obama poster appeared, and I know that the whole arrest thing reads more like a publicity stunt than anything else.

But the guy does good work. Good, engrossing work that proves even more interesting when you can walk up to it and peer into the details. And that is what makes the ICA exhibit fascinating. The little details: the newsprint visible beneath layers of paint, the particular headlines that peek through, the pale white stencilwork that makes a skull look all the more striking, the display of Obey Giant’s mailing address visible to anyone willing to take a really good look at a particular piece…so cool.

After the exhibit, a trip over to Drink for a glass of wine to cap a fantastic day.