…and my Irish eyes were smiling.

The funny thing about U2’s performance in Davis Square tonight was that a crowd gathered. Not the 10,000 that were feared anticipated, but at least several hundred at the time that Rachel and I began the Gawk and Rock endeavor (the gawk outside the Somerville, the rock at the Asgard, of course). But there were several hundred in the Square proper, at least.

As Rachel put it, “Everyone from Davis is standing around, seeing each other.”

Were we expecting something? I admit that I was. The large window on the third floor of the venue, visible immediate above the carved theater sign, was screaming for a quick wave. But it was straightforward. The concertgoers arrived. They entered. The lights flickered. The doors closed.

The funniest part of the whole thing was that a busker decided to try to capitalize on this crowd by starting his performance the moment the doors closed. This might have been slightly more tolerable, except for the fact that the lovely dwelers of an second-floor apartment were trying to pipe in the sound of the concert radio broadcast to the people below. And we couldn’t hear what was said. Thanks to the busker.

As we moved on to Central – where I would deliver a performance of “Mysterious Ways,” therefore giving my audience a song the band DIDN’T at the Somerville (just sayin’ that I was proud of myself and my delivery), I laughed. “Someone’s going to give him ten dollars requesting the sound of silence. AND NOT TALKING ABOUT THE SONG.”