The neighborhood I call my own in the Boston area is known as Davis Square. It’s a cool place to live, and I used to say that 10 minutes in Davis boosted my spirit more than 10 weeks spent living with Roommate the Terrible in the South End Apartment from Hell. Since I moved there, I’ve enjoyed the fact that the Davis vibe is equal parts Boston and Burlington. It’s perfect for me.

It would appear that it’s also perfect for Bono. For a night, at least. U2 is setting up shop to perform a show at the Somerville Theatre tonight. In other words, U-freakin-2 is going to be performing a mere three minutes (if I’m taking my time) from my house.

Beyond random. And the kicker? I couldn’t get a ticket. So instead of being one of those getting to sing about having the Golden Ticket, I’m going to be scoping out the scene and then high-tailing it to karaoke while up to 10,000 expected people crowd into my square for a show that will be attended by 900.

The Irish are coming and they are set to conquer Davis Square.

The trucks came and started to set up early yesterday morning. When I made it over to the T this morning to get into work, there were even more trucks. More gear. More venue staff.

The band is expected to play four songs. I don’t know why they need all that gear for four songs. Then again, I’m not U2, so I don’t think I am supposed to understand.

I’m not a crazy U2 fan by any stretch, but I’ve noted before the way the band has woven its way into my life and how excited I was to finally see them back in 2005. So I have to admit that while it’s going to be insane in my little part of this world tonight, there’s a large part of me that thinks it’s really pretty cool. And that I hope Bono and his fans turn out to be good neighbors.