Let’s ignore for a moment that I’m a wuss, given that I ran a – let’s face it – perfectly reasonable distance yesterday and am absurdly sore today. This is something people do regularly. Ugh.

So instead of beating myself up over this wussy state, let’s focus on something better. Much better. Desserts.

Now I’ve had some great desserts in my day. I’ve had the famous Golden Nugget bread pudding out in Las Vegas (not bad, but overhyped). I’ve tasted the creme brulee offered in many places. I know my favorite kind of cheesecake (lemon raspberry cream) and I answer the favorite flavor of ice cream question with a brand breakdown (no lie).

But the best dessert treat I’ve enjoyed in recent memory is the new Sweet Treat Cupcakes offered up right now over at Cold Stone Creamery. Oh sweet heaven in a chocolate shell, people.

I celebrated a friend’s birthday yesterday, and these served as the birthday cake. People, imagine this: a cold chocolate shell that contains vanilla cake, drizzled fudge, sweat cream flavor ice cream and frosting on top.

I would happily run a 5k every single weekend if it meant I’d have one of these things waiting for me after I cross the finish line.