I’ve been on a big healthy living kick as of late. I’m trying to eat well, stay active and set aside my workaholic ways so that I have time to do crazy things like run, grocery shop and sleep.

I know. Weird!

So far, it’s paying off. I officially gave up my biggest vice a week ago. Yesterday I wanted to burn off some aggression (aggravation) and went for a run that turned into my longest yet. I signed up for all five of the Charles River road races that are going to be held this summer and I’m planning to run a 10K in October. I’m investing in myself and it feels good.

During yesterday’s run, I was pushing through to the end and ended up playing some of my favorite late-in-run tunes. These are the ones that bring on an extra wave of adrenaline, get the feet pumping in to match the beat and just make me feel great while I finish strong:

  • Travis, Selfish Jean
  • Britney Spears, Mmm Papi
  • Foo Fighters, Cheer Up Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)
  • Kelly Clarkson, My Life Would Suck Without You
  • Justin Timberlake, Damn Girl

I’m on the lookout for more. Do you have suggestions?