This weekend, I spent time with one of my single favorite people on the entire planet.

I ate Nectar’s gravy fries for the first time in two years.

I enjoyed Johnoghue hug.

I saw Ani perform for the first time in two and a half years the same night I took in my first show at the Flynn in – you betcha – two and a half years.

I drove for the first time in months.

I enjoyed a long weekend and drove home to the sound of the Red Sox whipping Baltimore. I settled into my armchair and greeted my brother, who visited so we could watch the Bruins pick up the huge win against the Canadians. We then switched over to shriek with glee when Ray Allen hit – TWICE – the shot he missed the other night.

In this case, I can’t describe my satisfaction with the last few days, but I can offer up a glimpse of how pleased I am.