My mother doesn’t do playoffs. She doesn’t like to get anxious and irritated when her teams don’t step up. She wants to support them without worrying that she’s jinxing them, so she takes herself out of the pool of potential playoff game attendees.

She wouldn’t even consider attending one of the Sox games to which I was bringing family members during the ’08 postseason. She said that the cold was what kept her from Gillette when my father and I hit up the Pats postseason in ’07. She’s yet to attend a Bruins game this postseason.

Today, I started to turn into my mother. Just a bit, and I don’t expect it to last beyond this series, but still.

I had a ticket for tonight’s Bruins Game Seven and I’m not going. I went to Game Two and the bad karma of the day I’d experienced that Sunday led to a three-game losing skid that kept the team on the brink of elimination all week long. Something about Carolina doesn’t jive with me, apparently.

Now, I also have a ticket to the StyleFixx event at the Cyclorama tonight that I’m excited about. I have plans with my girlie partner in crime to leave that event, swag bag in tow, and find a bar at which we can drink and watch a lot of hockey. I also have a roommate who now pretty much thinks I walk on water, given the fact that she and my brother will be taking in the game at the Garden tonight.

Above all, however, I wish it to be noted that I am doing this for the sake of the Boston Bruins. I want to be there. I will not be there and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there was part of me that will kick myself for not being there, no matter how the game goes. My not being there is my attempt to do my part to get the job done.

Guys, get your part of the job done. Please win so I can get back to the Garden.