bruinshangoverSo help me God, if you’re thinking of remarking that last night’s overtime loss at the Garden proves that I’m not a bad luck charm for the Bruins, I will reach through the tubes of the Internet and hit you.

In other words, it’s not a good day today. Everything was going brilliantly yesterday. While I desperately wanted to be at the Garden, I enjoyed myself thoroughly at StyleFixx with my friend Meg – I found a beautiful necklace that I’m wearing today and a sassy dress that will be perfect for the rehearsal dinner I’m attending next week – and made my way from the Cyclorama up Boylston to find a place where we could get dinner and watch the game. Whiskey’s it was, although all but 3 of approximately 432014 televisions in the place were tuned to the Celtics game. I received texts from the Garden until the Celtics lost and the televisions switched over to the Bruins for the third period.

I’m crushed today. Proud of the team for what they’ve done over the course of the season, of course. I enthusiastically disagree with Shaughnessy’s “just another disappointment” column today in the Globe, to which I won’t even link because I think he’s being way too harsh to the team. I’m going to be so excited when next season rolls around.

But I’m crushed. My brother texted me last night: “I just died a bit.” It really does feel that way today. And while I had the Bruins to turn to the day after the Red Sox lost last season, today is going to be a bit harder to take.