– Last night marked the first time I’ve ever voted for a contestant on American Idol. I hope that Kris Allen (who has become known in my Tweets as “Breyers Vanilla”) wins, but that there’s some way he never has to sing that “No Boundaries” song ever again. Ever, ever, ever again. Did I mention ever?

– I decided this week that I am officially in training for the B.A.A. Half Marathon in October.

– My hair has blond in it. I’m not back to being a blonde, but I’m getting there. Let the sunshine in.

– It’s strange and exhilarating to sing karaoke somewhere new. As my friend put it last night, it’s like celebrating Christmas at someone else’s family: you know the basic rules, but the nuances are different. In related news, karaoke at Charlie’s Kitchen on Tuesdays is amazing.

– My parents are celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary today. That’s pretty damn remarkable and I’m so proud and inspired by them.

– Kevin Millar has once again forgotten the rules.