April 2003, I finally discover coffee. Camden Yards, Baltimore. Sox-Orioles on a cold night and I’ve been hobbling my frozen self around the ballpark, looking for anyone who will sell me a cup of tea. After I start to feel as if I’m going to lose feeling in my extremities (which is what happens when you have a body frame at the time like pre-Harlow Nicole Ritchie), I finally cave and buy a big cup of black coffee.

A love story begins. Or, more appropriately, an addiction.

(Cue this up to listen while you read.)

Coffee has seen me through seven moves in three states. It’s seen me through two Red Sox world championships, really good times, really bad times…

I love my coffee. But what I do not love is the fact that I get the shakes and headaches when I don’t get a fix in time each day. I’m an independent kind of woman, after all.

So…I’m going coffee free for two weeks.

Admittedly, this was prompted by something else, but I’m really taking on the challenge. I made it through 22 years without coffee before, so I can make it through 14 days.

Eleven, actually – I started on Friday. So far, relatively good.

The good thing is that this gives me time to figure out what coffee treat will serve as my welcome back into the caffeinated world. I’m putting out the call for suggestions: where in the greater Boston area can I find a perfect latte? Where is your favorite space to get your personal favorite drink?