Two weeks ago, the idea of going without coffee for 14 days left me wincing in anticipation of the headaches and general misery that would inevitably take place.

And then two weeks went by and I realized what I expected and what actually happened were two very different things.

Headaches? Minimal. Irritability? Nothing compared to what I went through back in April when I quit smoking once and for all. I did feel sluggish for a couple of days and my ability to focus was off during those first 72 hours, but otherwise, I found myself more alert throughout the day, more capable of waking up in the morning, more productive and, most importantly…

…amazed by my ability to overcome another addiction. It’s like I’m Wonder Woman meets Dr. Drew over here.

Now that I’m allowed to drink coffee again, I’m trying to figure out when and where I am going to get that first beautiful latte. The bonus? Now that I don’t need it to have a good day, I can wait until I have time to get to just the right spot (still to be determined).

A couple of tips, though, that I can pass along to anyone else who wants to kick the habit, whether for a short span of time or permanently:

  • Hydrate: This applies as well to caffeine as it does to nicotine. If you want a cup of coffee, drink water instead. It will help flush out your system and help alleviate the jitters. Plus, a glass of cold water just tastes amazing.
  • Exercise: I did have the start to one headache during my second coffee-free day, but going for a run cleared that right up. It’s all about the endorphins, baby. Honestly, had my ankle thing happened a week earlier, I might not have had such success.
  • Sleep: Why spend more time thinking about how great coffee is? During the first week, I tried to go to sleep earlier. Not only did that help with the caffeine withdrawal, I was also much more alert and a more pleasant person to be around. Win-win.