Derek Lowe remembered the rules, which made for a very special night at Fenway on Saturday.

The Rules, Pitcher’s Edition:

  • You are encouraged to deliver a strong performance, reminding your former hometown fans of why precisely they loved you so dearly during your tenure.
  • You are not to pitch a no-hitter, shutout or perfect game. Such antics are strictly prohibited.
  • You are encouraged to engage in a pitchers’ duel, but only with the understanding that you will succumb.
  • When the time comes that you are taken out of the game, you are to tip your cap to the fans who are applauding you. Because they will applaud you, Pitcher. Fenway never forgets.

Well played, DLowe. It was truly a pleasure to have you back.

20 June

An amusing aside – it’s the eighth inning, there’s one out and Beckett’s starting to look like he might be in trouble for the first time all night.

“Come on, Josh,” I say to no one in particular. “One pitch, double play, you’re out of there. Do it.”

Pitch. Crack. Ball’s hit back to Beckett hard. He turns, whips it to Green who sends it over to Kotsay. Bam. One pitch, double play, he’s out of there. Done.

The guy in front of me whips his head around. “Who said that?!?” As I laugh, he grins and high-fives me. “Awesome. AWESOME CALL.”