Given that I’m working one job or another just about every other day until I don’t know when, I decided to give myself a summer vacation.

It’s today.

Contrary to typical behavior, I am not jamming it full of activity. I am not “making the most of the time off.”

Instead, my agenda includes the following:

  • Run 4 miles, per training program (more on that shortly) – CHECK
  • Test ticket karma at the Whatever They’re Now Calling It Garden
  • Sit on my porch, drink wine, read and enjoy the neighborhood

I’ve earned this.

Today marks the 100th day since I decided to get healthier, kick a habit and bargain with the devil to make sure the Red Sox win a world championship this year. It also marks when I really kicked this running thing into gear in earnest. I suppose it’s fitting then that today is my first full day of training as an officially registered runner-to-be in the B.A.A. Half Marathon.

October 11, friends. Mark your calendars, because I could surely use some support when I cross the finish line.

p.s. The latest Harry Potter movie is my favorite yet. I will say no more on this matter, other than that you should go.