Nicole and I were standing on the top balcony at the Paradise sometime around when Saturday nights turn into Sunday mornings. I was exhausted after a long day working in the sunshine and I was annoyed as I watched woo girls and yeah dudes crowd in front of my vantage point.

It had been an odd night. Not bad – not bad at all, in fact. Just odd.

Chad, clearly relishing the fact that people had packed the Paradise to see him headline on a summer’s Saturday night, mentioned something about how he and his bandmates were going to dust off an older song.

One quick practice chord came through the monitors. I turned to Nicole and, without even thinking, said the first thing that came to mind.

“Oh, come on. ‘Attention to Details’ isn’t that old a song, relatively speaking.”

We looked at each other for a moment, waited for the band to kick into the song and started laughing once it did.

Called it.

Gift? Curse? Habit? Proof of all the times I listened to Drawn to Revolving Doors back in Averi time?

Your call. All I know is that identifying the tune in that manner proved to be a perfectly appropriate blend of funny, awkward and bittersweet. And it was fun to focus strictly on singing along, belting out the backing vocals on the chorus and hitting that last note.