You know I’m taking this running thing serious when I don a hydration belt.

Yes, you read that right. Hydration belt. A belt with two small water bottles located near my hips and a pouch at the front.

In other words, a fanny pack. A fanny pack with a purpose, but a fanny pack nonetheless – and not just the fanny pack you remember with horror, but one kicked up a notch! With water bottles!

Grimacing aside, I have to admit that I am a hydration belt convert. My distance run today showed me just how helpful one of these belts can be. Now that my mileage is increasing, I need to have something on hand to help keep me cool and thirst-free – and with my trusty belt, I broke the double-digit mileage mark today. Eleven miles, baby – 10.95 now mapped out online, a little extra to get me back to my actual house. I feel incredible, proud…and exhausted to the point that I predict I’ll be asleep by 9:30.