When I commit to something, I commit. The idea of not succeeding vanishes from my mind.

Whether it’s finishing a long run…

Getting an answer to a question…

…or getting a photograph of that time Paul McCartney decided to try to blow up Fenway Park.


Tom met up with me after he got out of band practice. I’d spent the evening walking around the area, smiling at the groups of people lining sidewalks and singing along with the set. When T arrived, we had enough time to enjoy “A Day in the Life” – T’s favorite Beatles song – before we moved down Lansdowne. The acoutics weren’t ideal in this corner, but the sight more than made up for it.

We laughed, we cheered, we made our way back up the street, now heavy with the scent of sulfur – “Ah, the smell of bad decisions,” said T – and bid dear Fenway goodnight.