There was a specific reason why I wanted to see the Sox play the Tigers at Fenway last night.

August 17, 1986.

The park was huge and green and offered up seats to all the people who had packed the sidewalk as we walked from Kenmore Square to the park. I’d never been around so many people before and it was thrilling.

My five-year-old, Middleton-living, T-ball playing self played on the Tigers. My parents, brother, uncle and I went to see the big guys from Detroit face down the good guys from Boston.

Buckner, who became my first favorite player during that 1986 season (and over whom I cried that October) knocked in three RBIs, Evans was looking typically brilliant in the outfield, Bruce Hurst got the start and the crowd was lively. Boston came out on top, 7-5…

…and that was my introduction to the wonder that is Fenway Park.