I’ve decided that my favorite moment of a wedding day comes not when the groom first sees the bride, not when the vows have been taken, not even the first kiss as husband and wife.

There’s something even better than each of those goosebump-inducing moments.

My favorite moment of a wedding day comes at the very end of the first wedding dance. The bride and groom have twirled, kissed and enjoyed a solo spot on the floor. At the end of that first song, there is a quick hug and a smile that marks the transition from event to party. The pressure’s off, the fun can begin and it’s just the cutest moment ever.

My friends Mia and Bob were married on Saturday, standing in front of a beautiful forest in New Hampshire. Mia and her attendants wore crowns of flower wreaths and Bob was glowing. It was an honor to be able to witness such a beautiful day and then help keep the good times going into the night.

Quirk - PortsmouthToday, my friend Lynn and I were faced with the task of killing a couple of hours in Portsmouth. I’d never known before today that Portsmouth is basically Pleasantville with an uber New England spin.

Seriously, is it possible for anyone to be in a bad mood in Portsmouth? Everyone is smiling, fit, witty and friendly, seemingly pushing a bicyle along the winding downtown streets or calling out to friends driving by. And there’s quirk galore!

I almost found myself getting suspicious. What’s going on under the surface of idyllic Portsmouth? What do those happy smiling babies know that I don’t?

But then I’d find something else quirky to photograph. Distractions. Dammit, Portsmouth! You win this round, but just you wait…