On Tuesday afternoon, I had a chance to chat with five of the ten American Idols currently out there on the road. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Allison Iraheta, Scott MacIntyre, Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud, but my favorite exchange came courtesy of Michael Sarver.

We’d been chatting about duck boats. He said that “the idea that a car, a truck turns into a boat is like the ultimate real life Transformers experience. That’s about the closest I’ve ever come to Optimus Prime.” And since I knew that he was a sports fan, I mentioned the fact that the boats are dear to the heart of Bostonians because we use a whole fleet of ’em when the Sox win the Series.

“I want to get back here to see that!” he said.

“Plan for early November,” I responded with a grin that quickly came to be mirrored across the table. I love the understanding that comes between two avid sports fans who totally get the idea of love and pride of a team.


Kris Allen isn’t meant for the Garden. Garden shows are the Bruces, the Killers, the bands or acts with loud and riotous sounds that are meant to fill that space – which means, much as it’s not a sound I’m particularly crazy about, the Adam Lamberts.

I really like the fact that Allen is not a Garden kind of guy. The reason I actually started to watch him on American Idol is because he plays the music I like to go out of my way to see at the Paradise. He is a performer I would enthusiastically pay to see live, but I’d cap that at an Orpheum show because anything else is just too big to take in as an audience member. Anything else swallows him up.

From my experience at the Garden on Tuesday night, though, I can say two things:

  1. The guy’s voice sounded fantastic from my spot in the photo pit.
  2. The photo of him that appears at the top of the next day’s Bostonist post is one of my favorite concert photos I’ve ever taken.


I was in the mood for a new band yesterday. I’ve been listening to a lot of Stereophonics again (the first time in years) and my usual early afternoon staples – Wilco, Kings of Leon, Montbleau, Guster – just weren’t getting the job done. So I took to my inbox full of press releases and came across a gem.

The debut album from fun. (the new band featuring Nate from the Format) comes out Tuesday and I will be bying it immediately. They play in town next month and I will be there. I encourage you to start listening now, if you haven’t already. I haven’t been this knocked out by a new-to-me sound in a long time.


I have less than two months until my half marathon. I am excited.


Red Sox-Yankees tonight. Remy’s going to be back, I’m going to be cheering and things have the potential to get terribly exciting at Fenway this weekend.