Think about this for a moment.

If the Yankees suck (as the commercial on the other side of that link reminds us) and they’re six games ahead of the Red Sox, what are you saying about the Sox? I mean, if an 82-48 record is the standard for suckage and your team has a 76-54 record, are you inadvertently saying that your team sucks even more?

I don’t like the Yankees as an organization. There are players on that roster I can’t stand. I’m not fond of their ownership. I don’t like that they built a new stadium. I hated the success of the Torre era.

But I respect things about the organization. I respect that they had to beat all the other teams out there in order to pick up those 26 titles. I genuinely like and appreciate Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano and Mariano Rivera as players. I adore Joe Torre and had to feel a glimmer of happiness for him whenever success came his way while he managed the team. And I respect the manner in which the Yankees have played such a huge and defining role in the Red Sox story over the course of history.

I love the Red Sox. I am proud to be a Red Sox fan. So when I’m talking baseball, I’m going to be talking about my team. That is what, to me, being a fan is all about.

The people who scream out “Yankees suck” at Fenway–even when the Yanks aren’t in town–or concerts and parades aren’t celebrating the Red Sox or proclaiming their love for Boston. They’re just reveling (typically after too many beers) in the fact that there is what seems to be a socially acceptable reason to scream out their loathing of something.

The only problem is that it’s not socially acceptable. It’s petty and juvenile and before too long, it is for what the city or fanbase as a whole becomes known.

I get that these commercials were made in jest, but the sad thing is that many of the people you hear aren’t joking in the least. They’ll be like the guys I wound up yelling at during the first game of the most recent Red Sox-Yankees series at Fenway: electing not to yell words of encouragement to Kevin Youkilis or David Ortiz, but instead devoting three innings to making sure Nick Swisher knows that he sucks.

Newsflash, guys: Swisher isn’t going to believe you, because his team went on to throttle yours that night. Meanwhile, Youk, Papi and the rest of the guys probably really could have used your help and support. Way to go. Way to represent the Nation.