I finished the summer run series last night and made my way to Redbones with friends for dinner and, as it turned out, my first pumpkin ales of the autumn season. Fitting, no?

The last of the five monthly runs left me feeling proud. I’ve worked hard to find a sign of improvement in each month’s run. And, as I looked at my results today, I see that the improvement is obvious.

It’s all about the numbers.

In May, my first run of the series, the results of the 5-mile run were as follows:

Back in May...

And yesterday, the 4.2-mile run that ended as follows:

And now in September.

Had my knee not decided to throw a temper tantrum, I would have finished below an eight-minute mile. Even with the fact that I had to slow up, I’m grinning like a fool at a personal record.