I was dancing and singing along with the set to which fun. was treating us at Great Scott when a guy near me turned around and openly gawked.

“Are you SEEING THAT?” he said, prompting all of us to turn and see Nick Green draw the walk. When Gonzo got the job done (how much do I love that man? There are no words right now), we jumped and screamed and clapped. The guys in the band let us cheer before kicking into the final song of a brilliant set, therefore making the night just about as fantastic as it could possibly have been.

My brother and father are attending the big Bruins season ticket holders state of the organization meeting today at the Garden. Last night, they asked if my roommate or I had any words or advice we wanted to pass along to our Black and Gold.

Michelle, to Milan Lucic: Don’t suck, OK?
Me, to Claude Julian: How about that Ward guy? OH WAIT.
Me, to Dennis Wideman: It falls on you now. Make me proud.

I have tickets to tonight’s game at Fenway. While I was excited before, the weekly horoscope I read yesterday made me laugh and get even more pumped. Josh Beckett, you’re welcome:

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Studies show that many people believe their attendance at a sports event impacts the outcome of the game. They are obviously suffering from a ridiculous delusion, right? They’re enthralled by the kind of magical thinking that our primitive ancestors engaged in, right? Normally I’d say yes, but not right now, not for you Scorpios. For a limited time only, your presence at events where people congregate may exert an uncanny influence far beyond the power of logic to explain. Your opinions will carry more weight than usual, and your power to shape group dynamics will be at a peak.