I’m at the 19-day mark when it comes to the BAA Half Marathon. When friends ask how I’m feeling as October 11 gets closer, my response is an enthusiastic “awesome and excited,” although the longer version of the response would be “awesome and excited, making sure to ice and am gung ho after a week off because I think I have runner’s knee, which I’ll battle with ice, anti-inflammatories, a reduced training load and a brace.”

Because that’s kind of normal, actually.

Anyway. Nineteen days to go! I’m starting to think about the weather changes that have begun as New England revs up for autumn. I’m trying to rev up morning training, given that the half marathon kicks off at 8 am. And I’m working on the fun part – my running soundtrack.

I touched upon this back in April, at which point I was treated to some fantastic suggestions that made their way into my Operation 13.1 playlist. I figured I’d bring the topic back up, as that list has had to grow as my running distance has swelled from a few miles to 14. I keep these on shuffle, and my iPod always seems to know just what I need to tackle a hill or push through to my next mini-marker.

Want to know what’s helping me keep pace? Up for suggesting some other tunes? Read on for just some of the selections from Operation 13.1: The Soundtrack.

  • Dancing in the Dark, Bruce Springsteen
  • Cruel Summer, Ace of Base
  • Kodachrome, Paul Simon
  • Pump It, Black Eyed Peas
  • 1901, Phoenix
  • Soul Singing, The Black Crowes
  • Black or White, Michael Jackson
  • Sellout, Reel Big Fish
  • Basket Case, Green Day
  • Vertigo, U2
  • On the Wing, Owl City
  • Intergalactic, Beastie Boys
  • Crazy In Love, Beyonce
  • Consolation Prizes, Phoenix
  • Keeps Gettin’ Better, Christina Aguilera
  • Motownphilly, Boyz II Men
  • Kiss, Prince
  • Living On a Prayer, Bon Jovi
  • Twisted, New Kids on the Block
  • Getaway, Patrick Thomas
  • Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby, Counting Crows
  • American Girl, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  • Rain, Bishop Allen
  • Rumors, Lindsay Lohan
  • Prophecy, Remy Zero