mefenwaymedalI can’t really bend my knee today. I haven’t really been able to since about mile 8 of yesterday’s race.

Both of my legs are sore.

I feel like I need to crack my left hip, but I can’t quite do it. Nor do I necessarily think this is the best idea.

The cold that had been lingering in the shadows over last week recognized the fact that my body yesterday was worn down after completing the BAA Half Marathon and pounced. As such, I woke up this morning with a head cold that has left me downing orange juice, peppermint tea and daytime cold meds. I’m a sniffly, sneezy mess.

I can’t fully grasp the fact that I was sitting in the stands at Fenway yesterday afternoon, basking in the sunshine, realizing that this is what autumn in Boston is supposed to feel like, when all of a sudden I had to see my boys of summer and autumn renig on the deal that had been made way back in April. It doesn’t feel like my baseball season is over. And yet it is.

And it’s not a holiday in my world.

But I have this photograph, taken at Fenway during a gorgeous Sunday. The Sox were winning and I was feeling pretty fantastic. And while a lot of things didn’t work out the way I’d hoped they would, at least the moment captured by one of my friends reveals that yesterday was not a complete failure.

In fact, there was one pretty huge win.