After I post to Twitter a link to a NESN post, “Finding Love, Bill Belichick Style,” on how professional sports teams’ philosophies would apply to the dating world, @briankraemer and I got to thinking.

What would a Bill dating reality show be like?

Brian: Call me crazy, @vickievictoria, but wouldn’t a Bill Belichick reality dating TV show would be the greatest thing ever?

Victoria: Would he be dating or coaching? “I think you did well. You dated a great girl who knew her stuff. Now we turn to next time.”

Brian: He’d have to be dating: “Ok, we are done with dinner. Let’s go to the tape and break down your performance.”

Victoria: Would be be accompanied by his support staff or just communicate via headset over the course of the date?

Brian: At what point would he try and pull out the red flag and challenge a call?

Victoria: If one date goes badly, the next is the greatest display of wining and dining the world has ever seen. Just to prove he can.