I believe in giving myself challenges. As such, I decided that I would end my tenure as a 28-year-old on a high note so as to challenge my 29-year-old self to bring the A game. And how much higher can you get than the 103rd floor of the Whatchu Talkin Bout Willis (nee Sears) Tower?

(Answer: the top of Burj Dubai. There. I beat you to it. Don’t sass me on my birthday.)

OK, 29. You’d better figure out how to top the top of the world. You have 365 days to do it, so get to it.


Photos and anecdotes from my trip to Chicago to come this week. In the meantime, please know that Boston has my heart and I was happy to see the Pru and the Hancock – the REAL one – as my plane made its final descent last night. But I’m going to be honest – Chicago made me daydream for a few moments there. That city knows how to treat a lady. It knows how to charm. It knows how to wine and dine, leaving me smiling and wondering when I’m going to come back for more.