I’ve been trying to settle in to get some serious writing in – as I have stories just waiting to be written – but I’ve yet to have that time available. Thursday. Thursday I write. Thursday I share.

In the meantime, two quick notes.

The First Annual Aaron Ward Memorial Favorite Bruin Player Award
It was difficult to figure out a favorite Bruins player now that Aaron Ward is off busy…not being a Bruin. I spent a little time, looked over the roster, considered branching out from my comfort zone (defensemen, which comes from playing defense in soccer, my favorite sport to play) and finally realized that I’d found the right player.

After all that, I’d replaced #44 with #45. Mark Stuart, you’re the man. And when he explained tonight post-game why he’d purchased thousands of dollars worth of tickets for Thursday night’s game so that he could give them to members of the military, it confirmed that I’d made the right choice.

It was an honor to be able to do something for members of the military, Stuart said, and it was an idea that he’d picked up the year before…from Aaron Ward.

You Can Take the Girl Out of Vermont…
It should come as no surprise to the longtime reader that I’m a big fan of maple lattes. Beth and I did our best to keep the Starbucks initiative afloat until the ‘Bucks decided to give that plan up. Then I took comfort in the fact that I could always make a trip to Montpelier for a maple latte at Gesine’s…until Gesine closed Gesine’s.

I’d gone at least a couple of years without what was once a daily fix of maple, espresso and milk – until Sunday.

Thank you, Lake Champlain Chocolates, for bringing a huge, euphoric grin to my face. No, seriously. Huge grin. Sure, I could keep a nip of maple syrup in my purse or maybe some maple sugar candy. But that’s not the point.