I’m used to never knowing what to expect when I walk into Fenway during the offseason. Since I only work there on the weekends, a lot can happen and change during my time away, so it’s exciting to see what has been altered even over the course of just a few days.

I was particularly looking forward to my trip to the park yesterday evening, however, because it was my first time at the park since the rink installation process began.

(Yes, sometimes I actually do take days off. Rare, yes, but not unheard of.)

I was eager to see the rink where two of my favorite things – hockey and Fenway – were going to come together. And I have to say that I know that I’m biased, but I think that the setup is going to be absolutely stunning by New Year’s Day.

Soon after I stopped drooling at the sight of the rink, I was chatting with Michael Ivins, manager of photography for the Red Sox. When I mentioned that I hadn’t seen the rink, Mike said that he’s had images of the installation up on his blog.

Blog, you say? Yes, Mike’s a blogger. Not only does he have a gorgeous shot of the installation process, he has some  amazing shots from Fenway and beyond. I am now suffering from compete and utter image envy. Be sure to check out his work.