It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a phone. It’s served as your connection to people. It’s how you’ve heard good news, bad news and news that just didn’t make sense. You’ve taken it to places and you’ve used it to send words and images to the people who aren’t along for the ride with you.

As such, the end of one’s time with a phone ought to include a moment in which you pause, reflect and appreciate.

(Unless you’re talking about the Motorola Krzr that proved to the bane of  your telecommunications existance. Er. Anyway.)

I spent part of yesterday staring at the working half of my poor, cracked internal enV2 screen, trying to save the photographs that had yet to make it over to flickr. The enV and I had enjoyed an especially good run; I was sad to see our time come to an end so suddenly.

Before I say hello to the new (and lust-worthy) smartphone that’s in the process of being shipped my way, I’m taking a moment to look back at the good times I’ve shared with my beloved enV. May it enjoy perfect reception in that big network in the sky.