The words left my mouth before I had time to process them. The Bruins were battling the Capitals in a game that was:

  • much more of a battle than the final score (4-1 WAS) indicated
  • yet another example – for the first two periods, at least – of how February 2 is routinely one of my luckiest days of the year.

The guys were looking sharp. They were feisty. They were hitting, passing and outshooting the opposition. And despite my absolute shock over it, the guy with a gold 6 on his back was playing extraordinarily well.


That’s right. I said it. I meant it. They did it.

Strange things are afoot when I’m shouting the praises of Dennis Wideman, dear readers. What’s most interesting is that this is only one example of the wackiness that has taken place as of late.

Stay tuned.