Test, one, two. Test. Hey-o, test. This thing on?

The problem with letting time pass without blogging–no matter how well intentioned radio silence might be–is that it’s so incredibly difficult to catch up when the time comes to do so.

So what was up? You might have picked up on the biggest part if you noticed how this site as updated and modified: About two and a half months ago, I lost my job. The company for which I had spent about two years working shut down and I found myself presented with the opportunity to examine my options, to figure out what it is what I wanted to do next. It was frightening and exhilarating–probably about 60/40.

Long story short, I have a new job now and I’m thrilled with it. I was technically out of work for about two months, but it didn’t necessarily feel like I was unemployed. I made finding a new job my new job. I enjoyed spending more time at Fenway. I bought a couple of really sharp and snazzy suits, in which I met many people and discussed a lot of jobs. I shook many hands. I accepted a job while lying on a gorgeous beach on the Gulf of Mexico. I’m excited to go to work each day. I’m happy. And that’s about all the Internets need to know about it.

I spoke with many people about the experience of losing a job–both before, during, and after my particular situation arose. It’s difficult now to not at least know someone who has gone through the experience, and I’ve learned that some people have handled it well, others not so much. I like to think that, all things considered, I handled things quite well. There will be writing to come about the experience and what I learned, but that’s not for today. I will say, however, that the experience showed me a great deal about the people who have become a part of my life, especially since moving to Boston three years ago. To say that I am fortunate to know the people I know is such a gross understatement.

Otherwise, what’s been going on? The quick hits, which I hope will become blog posts at some point in the near future; if not, they’ll make for fun conversations over cocktails or coffee:

  • Beth and I finally made up for the 10/15/04 Crossfire incident by attending a taping of Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Saw Ben Stiller again and again pledged my devotion to Stewart.
  • I took in a lot of hockey, including my first AHL game since the days of seeing Aaron Ward and company play for the Red Wings up in Glens Falls. In my last game before the break, the players all seemed so old–when I saw the Providence Bruins play on Friday night, I was cheering for babies on skates. When did that happen?
  • My last skating session of the season turned out to be an epic failure, given that my right wrist is still feeling the effects of the fall I sustained at Frog Pond. Next winter? Wristguards.
  • I have now registered for all of my 2010 running events, including the Let’s Run series I ran last year…and a marathon. Operation 26.2 is back underway: date change, venue change, but same awesome objective.
  • I am growing a palm tree in my apartment. Much to the amusement of my roommate, I have named this baby palm tree Benji. Why? If I name it, hopefully I won’t neglect it and kill it. I also am now growing a plant at my new workplace. Green thumb efforts all over the place. I know. It’s weird for me, too.
  • I celebrated an anniversary of sorts.
  • I have read much. I’ve accepted the fact that novels do not appeal to me as much right now as all the amazing nonfiction out there waiting for me. I haven’t written as much as I would like and am working on remedying this.
  • I’ve started to research new cameras and photography courses. In the meantime, I want to start playing around with lomography.
  • I was again blown away by Wilco live performance.
  • I’m applying for a passport. Finally. And I intend to use it. Finally.