Forgive me, but I was feeling rather sassy. It was a Saturday evening. I was dressed sharply. Heels were involved and I’d created a braided updo for the engagement party to which I was on my way.

If the T would ever show up, that is.

Boston’s public transportation system has never been terribly reliable, but it has become normal – a daily occurence – to impatiently endure significant delays. As such, I shouldn’t have been surprised that the T was going to make me late.

I could, however, be thoroughly puzzled by the group of 15 or so people – accompanied by two T officials – that had decided to glom all around me.

“Make sure you’re all together!” said one of the hyperactive transportation officials. “Everyone on the same car!”

Theories bounced around my head as the T finally approached. Foreigners? Spies? Prospective Tufts students?

The door opened and the T official stepped in front of me. “Make sure she gets on! Make sure she gets on!”

Obviously, I wasn’t “she.” A petite blur of berry-colored coat passed me and I realized that Anna Faris – and seemingly 15 movie extras – had decided to descend upon my train. Me, another couple, and Hub Hollywood.

As I heard references to Porter Square, I realized: Anna Faris had been holding up my train.

So I did what anyone would do. I sat there, reading my book, and cast glances over to judge. A Red Line Cute-Off was in order. And while Faris had the upper hand in wardrobe – seriously, that coat was downright divine – my braided updo wiped the floor with the Faris ponytail.

Rather than continue on to compare figures, voices, charm, and grace, I decided to just call it a draw then and there. As she was whisked off the train and I continued on to my evening plans, I nodded to myself. A worthy advisary, that Faris. A worthy advisary, indeed.

**Update: I thought it important to note two things, especially now that there have been some links to this post. 1) Anna seemed very pleasant during the short T ride we shared – it was everyone buzzing around her that generated the attention. She just sat in a corner. 2) I wasn’t terribly annoyed by being held up – after all, it makes for a fun story – but found the T reaction laughable. I wish that the MBTA would extend one bit of the energy and enthusiasm thrust at this filming project at actually making it possible for regular Boston commuters to get to and from their homes and offices. They’re OK speaking in a monotone as they apologize to thousands of commuters each day for “any inconvenience they might have caused” while they fall all over themselves for a movie.