My Chicago Marathon training process has given me the chance to do many things. I’ve been doing yoga, strength training, cross training. I laughed my way through a Crunch dance DVD the other day–I’m sure there’s nothing funnier than the sight of this girl trying to unleash some funk dance moves.

My favorite part, however, has been running or otherwise training with friends. My friend Emilee, who will also be crossing the finish line at Grant Park on October 10, has been absolutely remarkable during our yoga sessions, training runs, and pool-running sessions. And my friend Ashley has become a recent addition to the training process, as she and I have started taking on morning runs.

This morning, we set out for a quick 5K around my work neighborhood. We ran and caught up on how we’ve each been doing, and I was so impressed that we were rocking an early morning run. After bidding her farewell for the day, taking a quick shower, and transitioning into work mode, I was feeling pretty outstanding and with it as I made a quick dash across the street to get myself a latte and breakfast. Look at me, able to work in early-morning time with a friend, while running and gearing up for a busy day of work, then play …

That’s when I picked up my latte and the bag with my bagel in it, turned around …

… and ran smack into a tall drink cooler.

Mary Tyler Moore, I’m clearly not.