The question that’s coming up a lot is, “How are you feeling?”

The long answer:

Imagine a ten-minute span. During that span of time, I shift from:

  • giddy, little-kid-lying-in-bed-on-Christmas-morning excitement
  • feeling of doomsday fear that something’s going to go wrong between now and when I take my place in the pack of 45,000
  • superwoman confidence
  • jitters

Now repeat this, over and over and over again, and imagine that this is how I’ve been – nonstop – for the last week and a half. And add to that things like bursting into tears while watching a photo montage of the 2008 Chicago Marathon, figuring out what I need to pack for the run and for my long weekend in Chicago, and planning for run-related trips for next year. But imagine a great deal of excitement. More tears than I’d anticipated. Lots of water being consumed.

The short answer:

I feel ready.